Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy

What is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy, or colonic, is a safe, clean and gentle therapy that cleanses your colon of toxic waste and hydrates and tones your colon to make it more efficient at eliminating your own waste.

The modern diet is rich in processed fatty foods and low in fresh vegetables and dietary fiber.  The colon is a large muscle around 5 1/2 feet in length and becomes clogged up with toxic waste when you do not regularly eliminate it from your body.  This toxic matter turns into a hard substance and will cling to the wall of your colon.  You can have up to 20 pounds of toxic build up in your colon.

If your colon was functioning efficiently you would eliminate your waste after every meal, just like a baby.  However, many have difficulties in achieving this elimination once a day! Colon hydrotherapy can contribute to restarting regular movement and thereby improving your general health. 

What happens during a colonic?

Our trained therapist will instruct you about what to expect and answer all questions before beginning your session.  Upon beginning your session, a soothing flow of purified warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a disposable rectal nozzle. (Size of a pencil) The small rectal nozzle is easily inserted approximately 2” to cleanse the contents of your lower colon. Once the water flow is turned on, there is no need to interrupt the cleanse. Your colon will gently take in as much water as it can tolerate. You will then feel the sensation that you need to evacuate and you simply release your waste into the system. There is never any odor. Pressure, temperature and flow of water are all safely regulated throughout the session.  The system is comfortable and may be operated in privacy for those who prefer solitude. An illuminated viewing tube allows you to clearly see your toxic waste flowing away as the body eliminates it. A session lasts approximately 45 minutes.

How is a colonic different from an enema?

Enemas are good to clean out the sigmoid and rectal areas of the colon, which extend to about 1ft. A series of colon-hydrotherapy treatments can clean out and remove impacted material from the whole colon which is around 5 1/2 ft long. Additionally, colon hydrotherapy promotes peristalsis and helps the colon muscles regain tone therefore assisting the return of regular bowel movements. 

Are colonics painful?

Colonics are rarely painful. Any discomfort is normally a result of resistance and tension. Our professional colon therapist is skilled at putting you at ease. Sometimes during a colonic, the colon muscles will contract suddenly expelling considerable amounts of liquid and waste into the rectum. This may feel like cramping or gas, and may create a feeling of urgency to empty the rectum. Such episodes, if they do occur, are brief and easily tolerated. 

What can I expect after a colonic?

Most people remark about how great, light and clean that they feel. If your body is extremely toxic, you may feel a bit fatigued as old toxins that have been stored throughout your body are now re-circulating into the colon.


The LIBBE device open system is considered to be the Rolls Royce of Colon Hydrotherapy treatment devices. It provides more privacy, dignity and efficacy than other methods, whilst offering our clients a relaxing, safe and comfortable treatment. This system allows you to have a sense of being in control during the treatment because the Therapist does not necessarily have to physically ‘do’ anything to you. One distinct advantage with the LIBBE device is the pencil-thin rectal tube, which clients find extremely comfortable as the specially designed bed allows you to self insert the lubricated tube in complete privacy. Our patients find this reassuring and non invasive.

The LIBBE is manufactured through compliance with strict FDA guidelines that dictate rigorous accountability. FDA registered colonic devices all feature temperature controlled water-mixing and back flow prevention valves, pressure and temperature sensors, water purification, and disinfecting standards. Disposable ‘single-use’ rectal nozzles are

Signs of a toxic colon

  • Constipation
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Fatigue
  • Acid reflux
  • Allergies
  • Indigestion
  • Chronic headaches
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Nervousness
  • Tension/Stress
  • Bloating
  • Weight gain
  • Backaches
  • Asthma
  • Body odor
  • Coated tongue
  • Sickly pale yellow or dirty gray complexion
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Brittle nails/hair
  • Saggy posture (pot-belly)